12 comments on “Helping the Helpless

  1. I’m right behind you Andre. I just dropped a donation today. Thanks to you, Carmen, and Yobachi for the links. And please don’t forget about the storm victims here in the U.S. For that matter, keep the whole country in your prayers. God knows we need Him now more than ever before!

  2. thanks for always keeping us informed Andre. what’s even more disheartening is when we see how billions of dollars are exchanged for corporate buy-outs and aid among themselves. just think how $85 billion could assist Haiti, New Orleans, Texas, and so many other impoverished places that have been hit by weather disasters and the like.

    one of my friends from here (MD) went to take care of some business in Texas where her brother lives, and got stuck there during Ike and they haven’t had power in days.

  3. Bravo and Thanks for the info , always count on you for the real news 🙂 sad that TV filters so much from us and some alter the reality of life according to what ratings it will draw or how important some one in network feels the story is on their scale!
    Hope you are feeling well now my Greeneyed hnadsome man ,sending get well hugs and if well ,hugs anyway 😉 LOL

    Later Gator ((((HUGZ))))

  4. Oh My Dear , Darlin , please remove the pure testament to ME stupid MOMENTS, These things need a delete for people like yours truly!
    I read Sylvias post wrong , in my defense it is about 2:10 am here so maybe you can excuse my nuttyness
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend


  5. @ Carm: Kudos go to you and Yobachi. Thanks for the information as always. You’re my source…

    @ Megan: You rock!

    @ Sylvia: This is prime example of what happens when priorities are shifted. On the one hand, bailing these corporations out can conceivably have a positive impact on the economy (long term, allegedly). Meanwhile, the day to day suffering of everyday people is casually dismissed. I guess the intrinsic value of helping out our fellow man takes a distant second to AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Iraq, and now – apparently – GM.

  6. @ Greeny: I can’t take credit for finding the story; which is why I try to give as many “hat tips” as possible. Still, I’m honored to be a messenger too. As you so aptly put it, often the media misses their assignment of keeping us informed on everyday events and opt for the sexier headlines.

    The media: “Paris and Brittney? Check. Worldwide suffering? Uh…what?”

    Comment #2. You’re correct: August 25 is the b-day. I think Sylvia just needs her glasses checked. 😛

    Comment #3: On second thought, I think YOU’RE the one who needs your glasses checked. Ha!

    @ Yobachi: Thanks for the info, brotha. Also, I love the site. I’ll have to check it out some more. I’m adding it to my blogroll if you don’t mind.

  7. in reference to Greeneye’s and your comments, glad it wasn’t my glasses since i just paid over $600 for a new pair. whew!

  8. Thanks for the link, Dre. I’ll definitely pass it on. My prayers go out to the people of Haiti.

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