7 comments on “Corporate Panhandling

  1. I wish I could laugh at your joke. But this is an issue that stands to cripple this economy way more than it’s already been crippled. This story is scary.

  2. Man, that was some HARD cheese. I remember it well. Funny how corporations with all the money they have can be bailed out, but, there isn’t a crumb left for the people. Let ’em eat cake, huh? Peace.

  3. @ Megan: The impact that this story has on both national AND international affairs (Reminder: China is also an investor in the U.S. mortgage market) is too frightening to comprehend. I think this is only the start of troubling times ahead.

    @ Freedom: I remember Hell not being to melt that damn cheese. Still, I ain’t gon’ even lie: I used to kill that stuff by the block.

    Seriously, I also find it interesting how major corporations can get protection from their mismanagement while the average citizen is left to fend for themselves. I get supporting the mortgage companies to some extent (I mean, the mortgage crisis is partly due to people financing at rates they can’t afford). But we are clearly showing where a priorities lie. It’s certainly not for the person sleeping on the street.

  4. well, i don’t eat cheese, but my daughter said that cheese made the best grilled cheese sandwiches.

    as far as the bailouts, etc., humph, just goes to show NO ONE is safe from the economic crisis/crunch, not even the banking institutions and large corporations. there’s a shifting going on. the only sure foundation is the Word of God.

  5. I guess that socialism and income redistribution only work for mortgage giants and insurance companies.

  6. Hey Dre,
    You know Ronald Reagan put stuff in the cheese to make welfare people sterile don’t you? (Somehow it didn’t work on me though)

  7. Hey Hippie. Alliteration aside, I don’t think Reagan’s Program of Processed and Pasturized Productive Poisoning worked on me either. My ability to bear fruit is still a go. It’s just the whole finding a girlfriend thing that’s slowing me down a bit.

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