7 comments on “U of M, OSU, & Why Obama Might Lose

  1. not to worry–i’m glad Obama didn’t pick Hiliary Clinton. maybe if she hadn’t slung so much mud his way during her campaign, i might feel differently, but how could i select someone to work closely with me after they’ve said all manner of evil against me. Obama will do just fine with Biden. as the excitement wears away somewhat over the newness of Palin, and people’s heads start to clear a bit, i really believe they’ll start looking at Palin a little differently in terms of her running, or helping to run, this country. o ye of little faith!

    i’m not a football fan, but i understand on sunday, many, many people left the stadium early because the Redskins (that’s right, i’m a Redskins fan, though i don’t like football) were down, and those fans felt they couldn’t come back to win. but alas unbelievers, they came back in the final moments to win against the opposing team. the paper said many of the fans were sorry they had left so early when they thought the Redskins wouldn’t win.

    and so, getting back to Obama, it might look like he’s down in the final moments, but as one of his faithful supports, i’m hanging in there right until the end. NEVER, NEVER, give up!

  2. Hi Sylv,

    I agree that Hillary and Obama were really at each other’s throats, due in part to the cheap shots she and Bill took during the primaries. But if you’ve been following some of the GOP talking points, they are quick to cite that even Joe Biden has gone on record attacking Obama. To date, I don’t think Biden has actually explained why he attacked Obama’s inexperience and what made him change his mind so quickly about Obama.

    The way I see it is: if I’m going to add a former opponent to my ticket, I would add the one who stands to bring me the most votes. Obama might be called stupid, soft, and everything but a child of God; but he would still have those Hillary supporters in his pocket for a rainy day. But now with McCain sliding in a candidate who – forgive my language – has a vagina, it was in the bag for him. So now, not only does Obama have the issue of race to deal with, now he’s got gender working against him.

    His team of advisors need to be fired.

  3. well, for me, i’m always looking beyond the natural to a Higher Place, so in spite of what you’re saying and perhaps that others may be viewing it the same way, i’m still glad Obama picked Biden over Clinton. i believe he thought about the possibilities with Clinton, but i believe in him selecting Biden that he was going far and beyond the now and november to when he’s in the white house, and i still believe Biden was the better pick.

    i don’t believe it’s in the bag for McCain at all, and it remains to be seen. you know how fickle americans are. today they’ll pick McCain/Palin because she’s a woman, yaddi, yaddi, yah, but by the time people go out to vote in november, they’ll want more than just a woman; they’ll want someone with substance, who knows what they’re talking about, who knows what’s going on, who has experience in matters, and who’ll be able to deliver. women can work outside the home and take care of their family, but there’s a big difference in being mayor and governor of alaska and being VP, and still mainitaining homelife.

    let’s see if she can continue to stand under all the scrutiny she’s under now for the ex brother-in-law firing, the extravagant expense accounts of her and her family, and who knows whatever else.

    i’m sylvia and i approve these comments!!!

  4. This was a very interesting analogy Andre. But I don’t think it’s altogther true. Polls are not necessarily the best indicator for how well a candidate is doing. Most of the raw data is collected by calling people on land lines. But many newer and younger voters either don’t have land lines or simply don’t use them. So those being polled only represent a small segment of the population. That’s one thing.

    Secondly, I don’t think that Hillary supporters will all universally side with McCain. You’ll have some, but I think that McCain can get 5% of those voters, that’s about all he’ll get. Adding Palin to his ticket will not matter much to Obama.

  5. Well, I don’t know much about football. But I do know that it’s too early in the game to wave the white flag. With John McCain consistently trying to drive home the idea that this failing economy is strong, Obama is still in this contest. Even supporters of Hillary Clinton will put their bitterness aside when their pockets start getting emptier.

  6. Fabulous analogy and very real. Hillary supporters could very well put a dent in the tally that Obama comes up with, but, I have great faith that most folks in the U.S. can keep a vivid picture in their minds of how bad the current admin has made it for everybody. I think that they are miserable enough right now to keep them (current admin) from re-gaining the presidency this time around. I say “think”, but, I believe that it would be closer to the truth to say that I “HOPE”, more than anything else. I must say, however, that in my community, a lot of Black women were for Hills, but are now gladly supporting Obama. If that is indicative in the least of the rest of the nation, we may be ok. Vote, vote, vote!! Peace.

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