11 comments on “Affirmative Action at its worst

  1. That’s not a fair estimate. Which definition of the beltway term “Bush Doctrine” did Gibson mean? It has several meanings depending on who you talk to. Is it preemptive strikes or is it considering states who sponsor terrorists to be the same as terrorists?

    It’s a common tactic of interviewers to use questions that could mean more than one thing in order to trip up the interviewee.

  2. Even if the question was intended to be contextualized, she didn’t respond to it in any “respect.” That’s the point.

    Charlie Gibson even went as far as to clarify what he meant and she still had to pull some pretty basic evasive maneuvering. I mean, the dude had to go remedial on her with the “Yes or no, Sarah…?” questioning. I’m sorry: but any person who stands to be even a low level player in the area of foreign policy should know what the Bush Doctrine is and explain it on the spot. Palin is seeking to be second in command. The bar is set especially high.

    Honestly, I think I would’ve been OK with her quoting Wikipedia and being done with it. But she couldn’t even do that. Instead, Gibson’s simple question was met with a clueless response and blank stare. That’s pretty unsettling to me.

  3. Andre, I thought you figured it out by now. Clearly, the difference between an informed VP candidate and an uninformed VP candidate is…


  4. This is what happens when you send a sportscaster in to do a politician’s job. Notice how any traces of “sexism” were delicately removed. Let’s see the GOP spin this one!

    Seriously, I can understand some of Palin’s confusion. In her defense, the term “Bush Doctrine” has been tossed around by the media with several different ideas and attributes prescribed to it. Unless additional clarification was given, it would be hard to speak to the Bush Doctrine in general terms. But then Charlie Gibson DID give her context. She still dropped the ball. This is what happens when you don’t have teleprompters dictating your every word.

  5. KC, I get that the question wasn’t the best one to ask. But there WAS clarification given later on. Nevertheless, her answer was nothing short of dismal.

    But, what do you really expect from a former beauty pageant contestant? I thought we figured out that beauty queens aren’t the best sources of knowledge. Lest we forget: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj3iNxZ8Dww

  6. you could see she clearly didn’t know, and yes, it did sound like a blizzard of words as Charlie said. that’s why we’re to petition, pray, and intercede for our leaders, and those in authority or high responsibility (kings, presidents, governors, mayors, etc.). running a country is a serious task, and the leaders need to be on target at all times. these are the kinds of things people need to see now to help make decisions by election time.

  7. Hey Dre,
    I’m giving you guys the best advice I can. Leave Sarah alone. All my reasons are on my most recent post. To paraphrase Obama himself, your picking on the lipstick when you should be attacking the pig.

  8. Hippie, I think it’s the “lipstick” that stands to do the most damage. Nobody’s concerned about McCain. The dude’s an old fart who can’t remember how many houses he owns and who has a drug addict as a wife. The strength of the McCain/Palin ticket lies in Palin. She’s the one securing the pissed off Hillary supporters. She’s the one who has the piercing tongue. She’s the one who has a team of people defending her experience while attacking Obama’s. She’s the one who can get away with pushing certain ideologies that even her own family doesn’t subscribe to. Simply put: Sarah Palin is the most important person in this campaign season right now. That’s where the guns need to be targeted.

  9. Hey Dre,
    While I agree that Sarah is the one taking the shots at Obama right now and that she is stealing away some of the Hillary supporters, I think your missing a few points. First, it’s not only Hillary supporters that are flocking to her side. In the past two weeks I have talked to two friends that have shifted from Obama to McCain due to Palin. The reasons they gave were directly related to the preceived attacks by the left media on her family and her lifestyle. Neither said it had anything to do with her stand on issues. Also, I’ve overheard a lot of white people in stores talking about how unfair it is for comedians to take unkind shots at her and her family. Several women have commented to me how this is sexism at it’s worst. I come to your site because I love the insight into how black people see the issues (and for your excellent writing). Allow me to give you insight into how conservative and moderate white people are thinking. They don’t like it when their values are attacked. They are proud to be hunters and gun owners and will retaliate against anyone who bad-mouths them. They respect women who are strong without being shaved-head, pro-abortion feminists. A lot of them are from small towns and they love their small towns. They hate being portrayed as “hicks” who need to be enlightened by more sensitive, less racist, latte sipping Liberals from Hollywood, Ann Arbor, New York or anywhere else that looks down on their traditional values. The problem is; they see themselves in Palin and get defensive when she’s attacked. To assume this is ALL about Hillary supporters is a big mistake. To attack Palin on her family, her values, her heritage, is an even bigger mistake, but one your more than welcome to make if you think I’m wrong. After all, I’m just a white, moderate, hunter who lives in a small town and is surrounded by fence straddling white females.

  10. Hippie,

    I think you and I agree on the fact that the Dems (particularly liberal ‘snobs’) have been pretty critical of Palin to their detriment. In the rush to attack and discredit Palin with her scandalous behavior, they’ve pissed off a lot of people while also failing to shift the attention to why people should pick Obama over McCain. On top of that, when the Dems have been using a series of lies and smears as the basis of their attack on Palin, that only feeds into the Republicans cry of sexism and unfairness. I get that. But I also understand the temptation to go after her; especially since she’s the one who’s been throwing the hardest blows.

    What the Obama camp needs to do is be smart about this. They need to diffuse the ridiculous claims of sexism they are facing while also making this campaign about McCain. With the $66 million Obama claimed to earn in August, he needs to do SOMETHING!

    How much damage control can you buy with that much money?!

    @ Nic: My name was Thummer Hummer Palin. I guess it could be worse…

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