6 comments on “Shamelessness in print

  1. Oh, how I’d love to agree that nobody will pick this trash up & actually purchase it! What’s worse is that she has likely already been paid an advance for this garbage, leaving the impression that lying about something as vile as rape, as well as damaging the lives of others, can ultimately be financially beneficial. Yeah, I can’t wait to have to explain that to my kids.


  2. Looks like a prostitute is trying to whore a story to make money. Are you really surprised?

  3. Each person who buys this book should receive a complimentary punch in the face.

  4. Seriously, this is a sad case. I mean, some people truly have no shame. This woman did lasting harm to every woman who’s ever been raped and was too afraid to come forward. Shame on her and any people who support her by buying her book.

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