Sometimes I feel like Sen. Obama actually spends some time reading people’s blogs. After I and quite a few other bloggers had a field day with how he has been sitting on his hands during this campaign, Sen. Obama made amends for it a thousand times over with his nomination acceptance speech. One day after Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, and [especially] John Kerry delivered powerful speeches; 53 years to date that Emmitt Till was viciously murdered, and 45 years to the date of MLK’s historic speech at the Lincoln Memorial; Obama dropped a winner of a speech. For lack of a better word, Obama was A BEAST! He was passionate, descriptive, clear, and ON THE ATTACK. This was the Obama that we’ve all been waiting for! Congratulations Senator!

Sen. McCain immediately jumped in with a congratulatory ad. But I see it as nothing more than a lame and tepid way of trying to kill Obama with kindness. I’m not fooled:

This was clearly an attempt to derail some of the momentum of tonight’s historic event. But for once I think McCain is going to need a little more firepower to get that done. He either needs a wonderful showing at the RNC or he needs people to have a short memory of what happened tonight. Otherwise, Obama – IMO – is back in the driver’s seat.

On to Minnesota.