6 comments on “DNC, Part II

  1. Whoa! You know that you’ve done the equivalent to a president giving a pardon. I must say that I’m pretty suprised to hear your glowing endorsement of Sen. Clinton. Giving up the “Hillspawn”?! How ever will you adjust? LOL!

  2. Good post Andre. But I guess my thing has always been: it should not have even gotten to this point. Hillary supporters have gotten so blinded by their person not winning that they’re willing to support a man (directly, or indirectly by not voting) who disagrees with Clinton on just about every major issue. Talk about cutting off your hand to spite your finger.

    I hope that seeing Clinton’s bold move (authentic or not) will encourage more of these bad sports to do the same.

  3. Have you ever considered that maybe the Clintonite revolution is just media hyperbole used to fuel the Republican machine? Think about it. McCain has been virtually untouched by the media with his own gaffes and policies; let alone covering what other Republicans have said about him. Rudy Guliani is set to be his keynote speaker for heaven’s sake! They were at each others throats all during the primaries. But not a word about that.

  4. Anon,

    I don’t think this is based on what the media has created. This is based on what those Clinton supporters created. It’s that simple.

    Andre, to address another point in your post: I think Hillary understands that if she plays too large of a role in damaging Obama’s campaign, his supporters (ESPECIALLY black people) will make her 2012 run a living nightmare. Like Katrina, Rodney King, and Sean Bell, black people will develop an “elephant’s memory” about what happened in 2008.

  5. I totally hated that Hillary was such a witch during the campaigning and I am a true, true, true supporter of Obama. However, had Obama lost, I don’t see that switching to Clinton at that point would cause me the slightest bit of stress. Like most of my friends and relatives, just about anybody would get our vote rather to than allow that GDubya clone to make his way into the White House. I think that for Hillary to support Obama at this point (or before) should have been a no-brainer. Yes – she lost a lot of money. Yes – she wanted heart and soul to be in the White House. However, that’s the way game should goes – rally together to take the win, even you are not that winner.

    Now, we have these “PUMAs” running around saying that they’ll vote for McCain. Go ahead – take your sixty votes and beat it. If they are dumb enough to be that bitter, then there is probably no convincing them anyway. I’m glad to see that Hills has given her support to Obama.

    Polls: don’t forget about “liars figuring”. There are few that are as staunch in their support of Obama as I have been. Through it all, I haven’t flinched. I just believe that the majority of people in this country are just plain fed up with GDuya and the Posse and they don’t want anymore. Relax. Obama and Michelle will be in the White House, and the only way that McCain gets there is with a ticket to the inauguration. Nice piece. Peace.

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