15 comments on “A-Biden by the rules of politics

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  2. Articulate, Bright, Clean One Chooses Serial Plagiarist

    I’m hoping that Hillary rises hell at the convention and that the roll call vote goes to her.

  3. Andre, the real problem is your constantly referring to SENATOR Hillary Clinton as “Hillspawn”. How do you expect for Hillary supporters like me to jump on Team Obama if you can’t do the same for her and us? When Sen. Clinton goes to the DNC and basically clinches her endorsement for Obama, her supporters will follow. But as long as you and other people try to demonize her (in your case, literally), you will continue to alientate somebody who could be your strongest ally. That’s one thing.

    Secondly, I thhink that adding Sen. Biden to the ticket was the best thing to do outside of adding Hillary. His experience with foreign affairs is important right now giving all the conflicts going on lately. This isn’t a job to pass on to a newbie.

    Hillary 2012!

  4. I happen to think this was a great choice for Obama. If he can put Biden’s comments past him for the sake of securing the election, why can’t we? On that same token, there are some Obama supporters who DON’T have ill feelings for Hillary Clinton, so that makes the comments of the previous poster disingenuous.

    The way I see it is that we can’t afford another four years of Bush-like policies. If the stakes weren’t so high I would definitely cast my vote for Cynthia McKinney. But since we all know that a third party doesn’t stand a chance, I’d rather vote for the lesser of the two evils. I think Hillary had potential to be a good choice especially in bringing along her followers. But Bill pretty much ruined that for her.

  5. You folks have to consider that if Obama went with Hillary as her VP, the vetting process would’ve taken them directly to sealed Presidential records from Bill. There could’ve been some things uncovered that could do some real damage for the election. I see why Hillary was overlooked.

    Further, I wouldn’t worry about the devout Clinton supporters. They are NOT some kind of monolithic voting bloc. FOr that matter, they only started getting relevance when a few people in the media started asking questions. It’s almost like the child throwing a temper tantrum. The more attention you give the child, the more they’ll act up. If you ignore them, they’ll go away.

    Now regarding Biden: not my choice of candidate. But it could’ve been worse (i.e. John Edwards). Much worse.

  6. @ Kenya, I always said that Hillary should have gotten rid of Bill a long time ago. She was betrayed, embarassed on a public stage, and now lost an opportunity to win to White House because of her husband’s antics. If only she had it in her to leave Bill when she had the chance, some of this mess would not have followed them during this year’s primaries. SHE would have been the VP, not Biden. As a matter of fact, SHE would’ve probably been the nominee.

  7. So let me get this straight: Obama’s leads in the polls are slipping drastically. He fails to perform well in key battleground states. And he picks a VP from Delaware?!?! A VP who actually SUPPORTED the same war he was against?!?!

    HAHAHAHA! So much for having good “judgement”!

  8. Josh,

    I’m not a big fan of Biden as the choice, but I appreciate Obama’s position on him. Unlike our current president, Obama doesn’t want to surround himself with a bunch of his buddies and lackies who agree with every single decision he makes. He wants somebody to challenge him and to make him a more effective president. This is a good sign. I’d hate to think that we get another president who hires a former horse show manager to become the new director of FEMA.

  9. Dre, you said:

    “But what we cannot deny is the first half of this clip where recently — and by recently, I mean this year — Biden did say that Obama lacked experience. Even if he has changed his tune about Obama or has laid out a robust plan to give Obama that experience, I don’t trust the average person to have enough foresight to see that.”

    But that’s EXACTLY what Hillary Clinton has been doing all throughout the primaries. In fact, she was ten times as bad as Biden. Yet you’re implying that she would somehow be a better choice for Vice President. I’m not trying to defend Biden or anything like that. But you’re clearly allowing Hillary more of a pass than Biden for saying similar things.

  10. @ Ted: Hey there. Welcome to the conversation and to my spot. Stay a while.

    I think Palin would be a perfect choice for McCain right now. She’s starting to become a jewel for the GOP and won’t be a very easy target for opponents. Obama made a pretty bad mistake with Biden. If I were McCain (praise God I’m not), I’d strike with somebody as untouchable as she appears to be.

    @ gic (nic…?): I wouldn’t put it past Hillspawn to toss a wrench into the convention. But I’m not so sure. If she’s stuck shouldering any of the blame for Obama losing, she runs the risk of ruining her own chances in 2012 and beyond. I think she’ll ultimately step down, allow Obama to do his thing (or, as he’s performing lately, NOT do his thing) and take the responsibility if he fails.

    @ Hill 4 prez: I won’t dismiss the fact that Hill and her crew have pulled some real fouls during the campaign. Many of those antics have gone unrecognized by the Clinton camp. They haven’t apologized for what they said or for how their comments were received. She did this to herself. THAT’S why I don’t like her.

    @ Kenya: I can appreciate Obama lettng bygones be bygones. But his first priority should be winning. Outside of getting some critics to silence themselves with the foreign policy inexperience insults, what will having Biden really accomplish?

    @ KC: I think Bill has a lot to hide in his presidential records. So I can see why he wouldn’t want to see Obama get his hands on some of those things.

    Regarding Hill supporters: I think you underestimate their role in this election. If Obama discounts them, we might be looking at this down the road and citing this as a failure to his campaign. We shall see.

  11. @ MissKD: Bill needs to get put in the doghouse by Hillary, the entire Democratic party, and most of America.

    @ Josh/KC: I think the strain of this campaign is starting to take a toll on the good Senator from Illinois and his ability to make sound judgment. He has steered away from his initial message, spent more time than any other candidate defending himself and his wife, and been forced to make crazy decisions (i.e. picking Biden) to advance his campaign. This must be a difficult time for him. That doesn’t get him off the hook. But

    @ Cyn: The difference between pardoning Hillspawn’s antics and Joe’s recently comments is that Biden doesn’t have 18 million supporters she can use as bargaining chips. Given that the democratic electorate over the past few years has hovered somewhere around 50-55 million voters per presidenial election, those 18 million will come in handy.

  12. Now we’re assured of both judgement and experience! Of course, it’s time for McCain to go negative once again. Believe me when I say that the American people are going to be so turned off by McCain’s negativity coupled with his total lack of substantive policies to help our country move forward that they’ll run, not walk, to their voting booth this coming November to vote for Obama/Biden!

  13. hey quick question: are Hillary supporters apart of some sort of cult or something? If the tables were turned, I’d vote for Hillary because shed be the better choice of McCain. I’d be upset that Obama didn’t make it but I’d understand that life goes on. Its like the Hillary supporters have a blood oath or something……. sorry but some of these sipporters seem to be “weirdos” to me :). now about Biden, I’m really surprised that Obama didn’t pick a female VP. I must admit that his choice makes me a bit nervous but as I said to a friend a couple of weeks ago, Obama’s been making me a little nervous lately….

  14. p.s. sorry about all the typo’s…I really can spell, LOL! It’s just that the buttons on this Treo are tiny!!!

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