3 comments on “Leroi Moore (1961 – 2008)

  1. I first heard the DMB as an undergrad. My dorm roommate used to blast – what I once considered nonsensical music that I simply couldn’t tolerate. But when he burned a copy of the Crash album for me, I was hooked. Leroi’s sax work was mostly the motivation behind my being a fan. He’ll be missed!

  2. I thought it odd that there was not a great deal in the media on his passing away , I seen a little Blip on the news and that was it ! I d not know why ,maybe it was our area?was there much coverage in your area??Just wondering. He was very talented , a great loss.

    PS left comment on your Politics beauties.

  3. @ KC: “But when he burned a copy of the Crash album for me, I was hooked.

    I feel you on that. DMB’s “Crash”, Joanne Rosario’s “Now more than ever…Worship”, and Mint Condition’s “Definition of a Band” are the only albums I’ve heard where I love EVER SINGLE SONG on the record. I haven’t been following DMB’s latest work (the last record I bought was Busted Stuff), but they are definitely what’s up. You’re absolutely correct in saying that Leroi made all that possible. Grey Street? My God, are you kidding me!!!!

    @ Greeny: I was thinking the same thing! Outside of a ticker line on CNN, I haven’t heard a peep about his passing. Even on celebrity news (I sold my soul to watch E! hoping to find out more about his death), the didn’t utter a word. Who knows? Maybe people with real aren’t important enough for the news.

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