…if there ever was such a thing.

OK. So this post isn’t likely to generate a lot of positive feedback from my female readers. Not only will this rank up there as one of the more pointless posts I’ve done, but I can just hear the Andre Louis = Shallow “A.L.” insults coming. I’m bracing myself for it. The following includes a list of hot women; but not just any women. These are hot women in the most unexpected place: politics.

Before I start, I should point out that being on my list has absolutely nothing to do with personalities or politics. In fact, with the exception of a few of the folks on my list, I’m not even that hip to their positions on things. They just happen to be fine as all outdoors.

First, I’ll start with the honorable mention list. These women didn’t quite make the cut. But they still have some element of hotness to them worth commending:

*Note: These are in no particular order*

Elizabeth Kucinich. All around hottie and wife of policitian Dennis Kucinich. A most unusual couple indeed.

Michelle Obama. Future First lady. Even if she doesn’t secure the first lady position, she’s still pretty damn hot. But I’ll have to write one hell of a retraction. Yes, we can. And yes you are!

Nancy Pelosi. U.S. Speaker of the House. Yes, she’s old enough to remember when electricity was discovered. Nevertheless, she’s still pretty hot. Then again, a lot of Italian-Americans can still rock passed 100.

Elizabeth Wong. Former Chinese politician. Not exactly sure on how to say “Good Lord, she’s fine!” in Chinese…

Condoleezza Rice. U.S. Secretary of State. Maybe it’s her power. Maybe it’s her smarts. Maybe it’s just her amazing legs. I dunno what it is, but Condi is pretty hot.

Jennifer Granholm. Governor of Michigan. Probably one of the worst governors in the history of Michigan. But definitely the hottest.

Benazir Bhutto. Former Prime Minister of Pakistan. I didn’t agree with most of her politics. But fortunately, that’s not a requirement on this list.

Hannah Yeoh. Malaysian politician. My age. Hmmmm…

Ayaan Hirsi. African born politician and writer. As a feminist, she would probably beat my ass for putting her on this type of list.

Gretchen Whitmer. Michigan State Senator. I actually met Sen. Whitmer during my last visit to the Capitol. She’s even hotter in person. Getting a glimpse at her restores my faith in my state government. Well, maybe not. But you get the point.

And now, to steal the idea from T-Mobile, my top five:

5th place: Nurul Izzah Anwar. Malaysian politicial. Has – quite possibly – the most amazing eyes I’ve ever seen (besides mine and Greeny’s of course. 🙂 )

4th place: Yulia Tymoshenko. Former Prime Minister of Ukraine. She’s one tough cookie, but my God is she gorgeous!

3rd place: Nikki Tinker. Tennessee laywer and former congressional candidate. Amazingly gorgeous. Even more amazingly soulless.

2nd place:  Rania Al Abdullah. Queen of Jordan. I had a little bit of trepidation with putting royalty on my list. But dagnamit, it she’s not one of the hottest politicians on the planet…

And the award for the Hottest Female Politician goes to…

Alaskan governor/Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Sweet mother of damn…this woman is hot. It’s hard to imagine that she’s a mother of five, a conservative, and a gun nut. Who would’ve ever thunk it? All that notwithstanding, she has to go down as my pick for the hottest politican. Oh to be the lucky guy who gets to come home to her.

There you have it. My list of the hottest politicians of the female variety. I’m sorry if this came across as sexist. But what can I say? I’m a man. Sometimes a brotha just can’t help it.