21 comments on “The Beauty of Politics

  1. Hey Dre,
    Nancy Pelosi ????? Yikes! If her skin was pulled any tighter she wouldn’t be able to blink. Here’s my list of people who are hotter (and younger) than San Fran Nan;

    The Crypt Keeper
    Ed McMann
    Phyllis Diller
    The Geiko Cave Man
    Master Po from “Kung Fu”

    Is it the big breasts that are stopping you from seeing her frightening Joker-esque face and Rodney Dangerfield eyes? Sorry Dre, I don’t get that one.

  2. @ Cyn: I’m pleasantly suprised that a sigh was all I got. I was expecting much worse…like a groan.

    @ HC: With a little skin cream and a better hairdo, Medusa would be pretty hot. Still, I guess I can kinda sorta see your point. Nevertheless, Pelosi still has some G.G.G.I.L.F. qualities to her. A net worth of about $25 million can do that to a person.

  3. Oddly enough, I think I would’ve had the same top five. But I would’ve switched them up a bit. I would’ve had (5) Rania Al Abdullah, (4) Sarah Palin; as much as it pains you to hear that, (3) Nurul Izzah Anwar, (2) Nikki Tinker, and finally (1) Yulia Tymoshenko. I also agree with thehc, Pelosi doesn’t belong on anywhere near this post, dude. She has as much sex appeal as Gargamel.

  4. Do pundits and political commentators go on this list also? If so, you can’t forget Amy Holmes and Kirsten Powers. All things considered, I agree with the list. You’ve got some real poli-babes here.

  5. Andre,

    Like everybody else, I was following you until you added Nancy Pelosi to this list. What, sir, were you thinking? Her being on this list is an insult to the other honorees.

  6. Dag. Y’all pretty mean with the Pelosi bit. Tough crowd.

    @ Jos: What can I say? I’m an equal opportuniist with the women folk.

    @ KC & Ave: If commentators and pundits get added to the list, I’m feelin’ both of y’all with Holmes, Powers, and a muted Malkin. I would add most of the commentators on Fox News for that matter. I hate the station, but dammit – their anchors make up for it.

  7. A.L.

    What’s going on….

    Do you like WordPress so far? What kind of problems were you having w/ Blogger?

    I’m thinking about moving to another blog service…. but i’m so used to blogger…. And i’ve tried wordpress before and didn’t care for it. Blogger is easier for me.

    And Nancy Pelosi????? That’s troubling.

  8. What’s up AI? Nice work you continue to do over at your joint. You know I’m a fan.

    I hate to get overly dramatic here, but I had a hard time parting with Blogger. I diddled with WordPress a year or so ago, but I got incensed after going a few short rounds with it. So I stayed with Blogger. I was reintroduced to it when my campus adopted it for blog hosting. Having to manage our department’s blog, it started to grow on me a little more. I guess you can say I got to know it better before we started dating…

    I don’t like the fact that certain features are only available by upgrading to a pay service (e.g the ability to design your own template or creating your own domain), but WordPress has got some pretty cool toys that I can’t find on Blogger. There are more widgets available; so I don’t have to do as much HTML. WP also allows the user to create more static pages; which is cool for a site like yours where you have a section dedicated to talking about each of your site’s contributors. I also like how WP allows me to edit comments (I don’t make it a practice to moderate comments, but I can at least edit them if the posters request it). But perhaps the thing that sold me the most was the ability of WP to import from other blogs.

    Since my initially disappointing introduction to WordPress, they’ve stepped up their game some. It works for me. Hope that helps.

    I see that you’re joining in the “Pelosi: WTF?!” group. I can tell now that y’all not gon’ let this one slide.

  9. AHHHHH thank you sweetheart ,what a nice thing to say ,you made me all flush LOL
    By the way I do not think you shallow ,just a MAN TEE HEE and even though you are extremely intelligent ,articulate , and driven you still think like a man ,in degrees of hot .it is a good thing your sizzlin or your female readers may have been rougher on you LOL
    And handsome , you still have the best eyes I ever seen !

  10. One of the things that you definitely got right – Hirsi, with her fine self, would KICK YO A$$, son!. I like Michelle. Never liked Condi once the mouth opened up and she got to yakkin’, but, I would do that in a New York Minute!!!!! Over and over and . . . . Leggggggs. Is she really that hot, or am I just trippin’? I think it would take a whole lotta cream to pass Pelosi off as stunning, for me. Then, again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps the women folk wouldn’t dislike lists such as these if we viewed them for what they were. Take a beauty pageant, for instance. That should be about beauty, sexuality, and eye-candy, and nothing more. Their politics, intelligence, and congeniality have nothing to do with it. It’s all about esthetics. Perhaps that why the women in blog-world may just give you a pass for this one. Hey – even women appreciate a beautiful woman (the nostrils might flare, but, they do acknowledge). Peace.

  11. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. But Nancy Pelosi? I think I just threw up in my mouth.

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  14. Oh, and yes: you’re on something for putting Nancy “Skeletor” Pelosi on your list.

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