6 comments on “Purpose Driven Debate…?

  1. Reflecting the actions of one Megachurch on the entire church community is a stereotypical error.

    Not to mention, do we really want to vote for someone in office that doesn’t have moral sensibilities, or should we go through another Nixon and Clinton scandal again? I think it is very important to understand the moral tone of the leader that will govern your country.

  2. Also, a quick note, Rick Warren and his church have given millions and pushed for dozens of projects to poverty stricken countries, and other charitable actions around the world.

  3. @ Alcamadus (cool name, by the way): Welcome to the discussion.

    I personally never liked the notion of mega churches for a few reasons. But that wasn’t necessarily the point of this particular post. I would’ve been just as critical if this forum was at a storefront church. My ultimate point was that I was unnerved that their first public political engagement together was at a church. Not a university, not a town hall meeting. But at a church.

    I agree that morality should be an important issue to consider as we select our new POTUS. But if we are merely shaping morality within the framework of Christianity (a conclusion we can make since this “debate” was at a Baptist church and hosted by a pastor), that’s a problem. It was pretty fortuitious that both candidates are Christian. But what if Obama actually was a Muslim, but was still driven by strong morals? What if McCain was an atheist, who nevertheless had similarly strong morals? By injecting religion into this contest, we are putting candidates in a position where they almost HAVE TO subscribe to a certain belief in order to be elected. Morals – as they should be assessed – don’t have any bearing here.

  4. Having read The Purpose-Driven Life a few times now, I really like Rick Warren. I was glad to see that he’s nowhere near as obnoxious as many evangelicals.

    I also think that McCain scored better; but it wasn’t because of any bias from Warren. He was as close to being an unbiased moderator as you can find.

  5. If people have been following McCain’s campaign trail, I wouldn’t count this as a win for him. Most of his lines were the same old recycled points he’s been making time and time again. POW status? Check. “Pro American” president in France? Check. More drilling? Check. Unless he can come up with some new material, people will get bored with McCain quickly.

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