13 comments on “No snickering in the UK

  1. Maybe I’m just clueless, but why would homosexuals be mad about this? Lost in most of the drivel that came out of Mr. T’s defense, one point actually did hit home: no where in this ad was he attacking gay people. If gay activists are looking for a chance to advance their cause, this ain’t it.

  2. Kenya, I’m not defending the gay rights groups here, but I think they see the man’s speed-walking movements as some kind of perjorative insinuation that he is somehow gay himself, and that Mr. T attacking him represents attacking homosexuality. It might be a pretty baseless argument from our perspective, but not necessarily for the homosexuals who got outraged.

  3. Mr. T is the man and pulling the ad is stupid! I mean what year do we live in, last time I checked it was 2008 for pity sake.
    I just downloaded Mr. T’s voice from Navtones.com for my GPS and I love it. But my question is, am I meant to get offended every time I make a wrong turn and he calls me a fool or something? On that note, I also got Kim Cattrall from Navtones, can I claim she is sexually harassing me when she says, “Lets just pull over and get in the backseat, that’s bigger enough for us two, or maybe three”?
    The Snickers ad is just an ad and with them pulling it, it’s probably getting more attention than it would have if it just came out. (Pun)
    “Get Some Nuts.”

  4. You’re right Slip. There was nothin’ even remotely offensive about this ad.

    Sometimes I really do pity the fools.

  5. Bill O’Reilly is an a**h**le. He is clearly poking fun at Mr. T. But I must admit, that letter was atrocious. It sounded like a ten year old wrote it. Remind me again on which fool we should be pitying.

  6. Odd. I thought the group being ridiculed here were speed-walkers. Somehow homosexuals are equating that to homophobia. If you ask me, that’s pretty gay of them.

  7. Snickers needs to grow a pair themselves. Evidently there’s a boatload of people somewhere just sitting around waiting to be offended so they can spout off about their so-called victimization. People need to lighten up, and far more than just a bit. Srsly.


  8. I’ve watched this video several times now and I still can’t find a correlation between homosexuality and the ad. I think the only people who may be slightly offended are speed walkers. But even that is a stretch. Perhaps we as a society should stop taking ourselves too seriously and laugh once in a while. Just a thought.

    I am sure the whole point of taking offense to commericials like this is to raise awareness for the group who are getting abused and stereotyped against, but all it really does is illigitimize their causes.

  9. “To whom it may concern…” LMAO!!!!!! I didn’t think anything could top dude faking a heart attack in court as the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life…. I was wrong. Thank you Mr. T.

  10. ……. ” make it bad for otherwise normal gay people who want to live a simple life. ”


  11. @ Sylv: At the risk of sounding intolerant, I know what you mean. I always thought the idea of being attracted to the same sex was weird in and of itself. But what I mean in this case is that there are non-flamboyant; more modest gays (the ‘normal’ type) who get unfairly portrayed by the real…for lack of a better term…flamers.

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