Since laughter has been said to be the best medicine, it looks like healthcare costs are going to skyrocket once again.

Bernie Mac, one of the original Kings of Comedy and all-around good guy, has died. He was 50. While Mac was most recently known for getting chastised by the Obama camp after a performance at a July fundraiser (that audience definitely wasn’t suited for Bernie’s kind of comedy), I think he’ll be remembered mostly for his edgy and socially comedic performances. Being raised on the south side of Chicago gave him plenty of material to use in his acts. But equally as memorable as his comedy was his genuine sense of family.

To be sure, he certainly wasn’t the cleanest performer to be found. Many of his shows were littered with profanity and jokes that could come across as racist or homophobic. I won’t argue with that (in fact, I think many comedics can take a cue from Sinbad on being funny and clean). But a lot of his later work – most notably the highly acclaimed “Bernie Mac Show” – injected multiple dimensions to his sense of humor without getting as raunchy.  

The world of comedy lost a great one. You’ll be missed, my man.

[Warning: Very explicit language]