6 comments on “Bernie Mac (1957-2008)

  1. This was truly sad. I’m interested to see if the family will have a public or private memorial, as this man was loved very much. “jang-a-lang jang-a-lang” lol! *goes to watch Life*

  2. Saying that Bernie Mac had a sense of family is an understatement. I truly appreciate how he married his high school sweetheart (more than I can say for most people who get famous) and raised children that were not his. He showed the world that a black man (especially with money) could still be about family. RIP Bernie!

  3. I only saw a few of his performances. I wasn’t a very big fan. But this clips on this post were crazy!

  4. My husband and I didn’t allow our children to watch any of Bernie Mac’s material until he started doing clean comedy. But we definitely loved the Bernie Mac show. It’s such a shame to hear about his death, especially considering how young he was.

  5. i saw him on Dave Letterman last year, and he said he was going to retire soon to kick back and enjoy life a bit since he had been working since his youth. he said he’d continue to produce, but he wasn’t going to be working like he had been. i don’t think this was what he had in mind though. life is like a vapor, poof, here today, and gone tomorrow. we never know. i feel real sad about his loss, especially for his family and friends.

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