20 comments on “Don’t Trust the Smile

  1. The funniest aspect of this comes from Edward’s ’08 campaign manager, David Bonior: “Asked whether the affair would damage Edwards’ future aspirations in public service, Bonior replied: “You can’t lie in politics and expect to have people’s confidence.”

    Tell that to Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (reelected), Washington D.C. Mayor Marion “Crackhead” Barry (reelected), & Louisiana Rep. William “Money in the Freezer” Jefferson (reelected).

  2. Keeping things in perspective, this isn’t all that big of a deal. The media is only obsessing over this story because it involves one of the former presidential candidates. It’s just like the attention the Dodd story was receiving.

    Where we should focus our attention is on lies that create violent and expensive wars in areas where we should’ve never been. The defacing that has been done to this country’s reputation, not to mention the billions of dollars spent and the thousands of lives lost over the BIGGEST LIE OF THEM ALL!

  3. @ Nic: The aforementioned cases are tragic examples of black folks supporting a color and political affliation as opposed to a character. I feel you on that.

    @ Greg: Not so fast, my friend. While I’d looove to join you in your Bush roast (that’s always fun), let’s not give Edwards an automatic pardon. (1) the media hasn’t been investigating this until now. It took a story in a tabloid for people to get hip to his secret. Dodd was the same way. To this date, I still haven’t seen anything remote to an investigation of the deals he got. (2) whether it’s as cursory as an affair or as significant as waging a war based on lies, these dudes are public officials pushing sanctimonious ideas of values on the rest of us when they themselves do not follow them. If this was a Republican scandal; cries of hypocrisy would reverberate in our ears. Suddenly we’re supposed to go mute just because the latest person involved in scandalous behavior is John Edwards? You’re joking, right?

  4. I’m very disaappointed to hear this. I was a HUGE supporter of John Edwards at first. But now (t quote BB King) the thrill is gone. He may still be a good politican (fighting for the poor, a champion for healthcare reform, etc.), but he’s a despicable person. Some people are lauding him for coming clean, but I think he only FINALLY confessed after he was outed. Shame on him and shame on Rielle Hunter (who has a history of doing this with married men). Adulutery is never honorably. Adultery on someone with cancer is outright despicable.

  5. I cant believe I’m reading all this nonsense. When Democrat politicians have an affair, the Republicans waste millions of our tax dollars on trying to impeach a President (Clinton) while spending very little investigating other much more important issues. Or now, while this country is getting ready for another election the Republicans are doing everything they can to deflect issues of morality to Democrats. This situation will give them the perfect opportunity. BUt how many of them (or the media) will bring up John McCain’s affair? Or how about the other Republican politicians have cheated on their spouses? Too many to count. Oh, but all that is unimportant I guess. How many of our Great Presidents, that we revere in history, have cheated on their wives? At least most Democrats go for the opposite sex which doesn’t appear to be the requisite for the Republicans, of late.

  6. Greg, I don’t know where your rants are coming from. Nobody has said anything about this being an issue of Democrats versus Republicans. This is about sleazy politicians who keep cheating on their spouses while talking about family values, honesty, and morality. Those notions should cut across party lines.

  7. does he get any credit for resolving this issue with his wife 2 years before the media got ahold of this story? I’ve said this before and I believe that it still applies: our parents yell and preach that we don’t do certain things, many of which that they’ve done themselves. As adults are we not yet mature enough to seperate the person from the message? WE ALL are guilty of preaching against things that we’ve fallen prey of ourselves…think about it….

  8. Furthermore: Although he was wrong for having an affair, his affair hasn’t resulted in someone being killed or millions of layoffs, or using taxpayer dollars to conduct the affair. (kwame and Bush are guilty of a few of the above) He broke a moral law and resolved it within the privacy of his own home. Why is this even our business? should we also concern ourselves with what they’re having for dinner or what the pillow talk was about last night?

  9. Joslyn,

    The moral relativism you’re trying to push here is exactly why politicians get away with things that actually DO affect the rest of us. The way I see this is pretty simple: If Edwards lied to the woman he swore himself to, there’s no telling what kind of lies he would’ve told to the citizens of this country; most of whom he DOESN’T know.

    What you do personally (even if its behind closed doors) shapes your character. Personally, I’m glad that he didn’t have the chance to bring this mess to the White House. I’m also glad he was exposed.

  10. By the way, regarding the length of the affair: has it ever occured to you that since he lied about having the affair, he could’ve also been lying about how long it lasted? For all we know, this thing could have been going on as recently as last week.

  11. I’m interested to see how Elizabeth responded. I hope that she’s not going to be the same flaccid and spineless wife who stands by her man during press conferences. I’m not the biggest supporter of divorce, but she should take him to the cleaners! For real!

  12. Paige, since no one is perfect, if we held eveyone to that standard there would be absolutely no one in office! Are you suggesting that since he was having problems at home that he wouldn’t be able to perform a job? ? No one but the two of them truly know the nature of their relationship. for all we know, they coukdve had an agreement (which isn’t uncommon amoungst celebrities and politicians) that allows him to do what he does as long as she receives the financial beneifts. I know that while growing up that when my parents had problems that they stayed in house. My point is that since his affair in no way affected his ability to perform his duties or affected taxpayer money, that it truly is none of our business. he didn’t break the law (like the govenor with the prostitute) so this is truly between he and his wife. All that matters is that he cheated, she knew about it and yes, Cynthia, she has chosen to stick by him.

  13. “Are you suggesting that since he was having problems at home that he wouldn’t be able to perform a job?”

    That’s exactly what I’m saying. His “problems” at home stemmed from being a liar. His being a liar is a direct reflection of his character. His character determines how well he is able to do his job, e.g. represent the people. So yes, I’m saying that if he was lying to his wife, there’s no telling how much he has been lying to the rest of us who aren’t his wife. On top of that, we hold politicians to a different standard because they receive a different level of national/international reverence.

  14. Cynthia, to answer your question I saw a story on ABC about the Edwards affair which included Mrs. Edwards right there besides Sen. Edwards. I wanted to smash my TV with a sledgehammer. Not only did Edwards embarrass her on a national stage, but he used campaign funds (public dollars) to pay off his mistress. If she didn’t dump him for being a sleazy husband, she should’ve at least had the nerve to lose him for being a dishonest politician. But I bet that when she started looking around that big house, all those cars, and that bank account, she had second thoughts.

    *Shakes my head*

  15. OK. The guy was a lawyer and THEN a politican. Isn’t being a liar a job requirement?

  16. Hey Dre,
    There’s still lot’s of room over here in the Bill Richardson for V.P. headquarters.

  17. @ Paige:

    Shame on him and shame on Rielle Hunter (who has a history of doing this with married men).

    Perhaps what bothers me most about Hunter’s role in this affair is that people are looking the other way about her (I’ll get on Edwards in a second). I hate to inject race into this discussion, but damnit, it belongs. I wonder to what extent the world has given her a pass because she’s white. If this were a black woman having sex (and possibly a baby) with a married man, having a baby out of wedlock (regardless to who the father was), and living off of a rich man (she lives in a million dollar home with no viable means of income), this would’ve been punishable by death. When I was critical of black women engaged in such behavior in my post about the Black in America segment, I didn’t get as much of a peep out of people. Suddenly, when I’m talking about Hunter, it suddenly becomes a “private” affair. What-the-hell-ever!

    As for John Edwards, the same rules apply. We are extremely critical of the disintegration of the black family (and rightly so), but don’t say a word when the culprits are white; especially rich. Now we all know that if this story involved Obama (even if he WASN’T the nominee), this thing would hit every news outlet on a 24 hour loop. I mean, look no further than Kwame. *This isn’t a defense of Mayor Kilpatrick. The dude is a loser waste of talent and I hope they throw the book at him* But it’s no secret what’s going on with him. It’s making national news. But I’d be that his story has – and will continue to – receive far more attention than the Edwards scandal. And Johnny Boy was running for Prez!

    @ Cyn: I don’t feel sorry for Elizabeth Edwards. I feel as sorry for her as I did for Hillspawn after she decided to keep Bill around. As far as I’m concerned, these women should have high tailed it the minute they found out their husbands were messing around on them. I’m sorry: but I can’t feel sorry for boneheads.

  18. Great site. I wonder if John Edwards’ wife urged him to find someone new? Who knows, maybe he did this with her blessing.

    John Bryan Stone

  19. “If this were a black woman having sex (and possibly a baby) with a married man, having a baby out of wedlock (regardless to who the father was), and living off of a rich man (she lives in a million dollar home with no viable means of income), this would’ve been punishable by death.”

    Good point Dre. I read that a “friend” of Edwards was paying Hunter $15K a month as “hush money” and additonal funds to Andrew Young so that he could fall on a the sword for Edwards. Now, I’ll admit that I read this on the National Enquirer. But they were the ones who broke the story of the affair in the first place. If anybody’s credible about this whole thing, it’s – GULP! – a tabloid.

    Also, I definitely agree that race plays a role in this. As much as people may not want to say it, if the key players involved were black, the way this story was reported would have been a thousand times different.

  20. I’m glad to see that responsibility is being spread around more equally here. What started off as an Edwards roast turned into an equal roast. Rielle Hunter is not exempt from responsibility here. Let’s not forget that SHE was the one who got involved with her “boss”, accepted hush money, and contributed to adultery. It’s hard for women to get equal footing in this society when women like her ruin it for us.

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