An “Unmitigated Word” exclusive:

As it turns out, I was actually wrong about something. I know, I know. I’m as shocked as you are. Even more shocking than the reality that I can actually be wrong about some thing was the revelation that John Edwards; my pick for Obama’s VP; has admitted to having an affair on his cancer stricken wife. Boy, did I call this one wrong!

While I spent my time formulating an argument on why I liked John Edwards and how awesome of a VEEP he would’ve been, here he is pulling some of the same crooked stunts that many of those two-faced Republicans have been pulling off over the past few years. What’s worse is that I have to concede that — for once in her life — Ann Coulter was actually right about something. Edwards being the bonehead of all boneheads has essentially ensured that Coultergeist will never, ever, ever go away. Even after she’s dead and gone, she’ll find a way to publish books and editorials from beyond the grave. Way to go, moron!

In addition to ensuring the continued existence of one of the most annoying people ever, Sen. Edwards has betrayed his wife, his family, his colleagues, and all of those supporters who went to bat for him. I’m done with this guy and I hope we’ve seen the last of him.