5 comments on “Racist: Toby or not Toby?

  1. By Tob’s definition, Obama must be more white than he is.

    GOD! I HATE IGNORANCE! Why is he still allowed to walk among the sane?!

  2. Kenya, unfortunately there actually ARE many blacks who think and say these kinds of things. As long as they are considered a prevalent voice in black America, fools like Toby Keith will have justification for their ignorance. As is the case with most things, this starts at home, in our communities.

  3. When ones ignorance runs so deep that it is a natural ,normal thing for them to open their mouth and make a comment so easily seen as wrong/awful/hurtful to most of soceity ,then they got it BAD! Not even flinching as the words come out of his mouth from the weight of his words and not anyone with the sense that God gave a rock , speaks for people on national TV not knowing your butt from a basket! and to boot , insulting people backhandedly trying to look informed !!!(hangs head ,shaking it sadly)
    Great Letter , oh well !!! maybe in a perfect world .

  4. Sheesh Dre,
    Haven’t you ever heard of David Allen Cole? Johnny Rebel? This shit is all over country music. Which is why I don’t listen to it.

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