6 comments on “The price for indiscretion…?

  1. This was undoubtedly another unfortunate incident of abused power from the police with tragic results. But you raise an interesting point as well. It’s sad about Ms. Wilson and all; but her background says a lot about her and the company she kept. Like you said, her lifestyle doesn’t warrant the death penalty that she was dealt, but I’d honestly be more suprised to hear about this story if the woman was on a full ride academic scholarship, without six kids (with five different ment) and not involved with a drug dealer. I hate to sound heartless, but the situations we put ourselves in and the people we associate with dictate how other people respond to us.

  2. “I hate to sound heartless, but the situations we put ourselves in and the people we associate with dictate how other people respond to us.”

    Yeah, that was pretty harsh. But you’re right. Nevertheless, a person is STILL dead. Now is not the time to say “well, what she HAVE did was this…” Have some respect.

  3. Here we go again! Blaming the victim. When will this stop? What does the number of children or childrens’ fathers she has have to do with her being wrongfully killed? I’m glad the rest of you all live such perfect lives. Otherwise, people might start saying that you’re more likely to get killed because of your bad choices.

  4. Hey Dre,
    My heart goes out to the family. With all the options available to our police officers, was it really necessary to go so quickly to a killing shot? I can’t make any sense out of the jury’s decision, but it is fair to remember that one holdout can lead to an aquittal. I would like to see the entire body of evidence to make a fair judgment on why the officers acted so dramatically, but it’s hard to think of any good justification. One good solution would be for more black people to be involved in the jury process. In my 3 times in the jury pool (all in Flint), I noticed a real absence of black people. Is this because of lack of participation? Felony convictions? One thing I did notice, of the roughly half black potential jurors, nearly all of them pleaded out. The few that were left made it well known that they would never convict a black person of anything. They claimed “justice by jury” to compensate for what they saw as a bias justice system. That makes for a real screwed up system all around. Mostly white juries in a 50% black city with a few black jurors that will only convict non-blacks. Add to that a few racist white people that will refuse to convict a white cop of anything and you begib to see the problem. It’s hard not to be cynical after you’ve witnessed all of this first-hand.

  5. This should be a lesson to everybody: don’t sh*t where you eat. If you run a drug house, you stand a greater risk of getting arrested and possibly shot. That’s the way of the world.

  6. Anonymous, I don’t know where your heart went (if you ever had one to begin with), but an innocent woman is dead because of wreckless force by the police. And even if she had drugs in her hand about to make a sale, death is not the punishment for that.

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