5 comments on “Commander-In-Shape…?

  1. It’s a pretty sad day when a person is chosen to lead a country based on physicality. For that matter, it’s only a CERTAIN aspect of physicality. I haven’t heard a thing about John McCain’s age. But Obama’s fitness…? How ridiculous!

  2. @ Carm: Your being speechless — having one of the most astute minds I’ve come across — is a true indication of how absurd this article is. Thanks, though, for giving it a try. 🙂

    @ Joanne: It’s interesting to see people tie fitness to elitism for Obama; while not a SINGLE PERSON made fitness an issue for Dubya. How many times have breaking news stories reported that Bush was in “great health” without so much as a peep about being an elitist?

    I can see it now: next they’re going complain because Obama uses a knife and fork when he eats. That damn Obama! He thinks he’s better than everybody else because he’s got table manners!

    This nonsensical story is just one more way of implying that Obama is some “uppity negro” who had the AUDACITY to run for POTUS.

  3. Dre, I doubt that most people are really thinking about this as an issue. The couple of people cited in this article are venimous, ax-to-grind, Hillary supporters who reach for the “skinny beanpole” insults because that’s all they can come up with. They can’t think of any insults that are have any validity, so they pull out quick (and insignificant) punches. It’s no different than the Hillary supporter who went on that tirade: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KACQuZVAE3s

    Same thing here.

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