11 comments on “Battle of the Bands

  1. Since EWF is the more influencial of the two, I gotta roll with them. Mint definitely has a boatload of talent; but EWF set the bar.

  2. Besides that, the videos posted her emphasize another point: EWF has far more showmanship and stage presence. Outside of Stokley, Mint is a crowd-pleaser without the crowd part. I think their audiences feel their music, but not necessarily them. With EWF, it feels like every single member of the audience is apart of the band. In the tale of the tape, the elements win.

  3. Reasons. September. Fantasy. After the love is gone. Boogie Wonderland. Love’s Holiday. Devotion.

    ‘Nuff said.

  4. I’m witcha girl. I ADORE Mint Condition. But EWF has hit after hit of timeless classics. The preservation of their songs makes them the kings of R&B.

  5. dre, I told ya….. mint is my GROUP but in NO comaprison are they EWF. having been to BOTH concerts (smile) EWF sings with and to their audience. mint sings at the audience. I felt as though I was watching mint on TV (even with them in spitting distance) and with EWF I felt as though they were singing to me and that I coulda been on stage with them. I had so much fun yesterday. you were a blast to hang with!!!

  6. sorry its Joslyn…sending this from my phone. p.s. you look faaaaaantastic!

  7. Leave it up to a moron like me to not be able to answer my own question. I’m torn on this issue. I can appreciate the eclecticism that Mint brings. At the concert for instance, they threw in some fusion jazz, some hard rock, some smooth R&B, and some slick improvisational swing; all in one show. It was hard to predict what they’d toss out. Still, EWF has incomparable musicianship and uncanny showmanship. I’ll be groovin’ to the same songs that my mid-50’s parents are when I’m their age.

  8. I honestly cant say that I’ve heard Mint Condition (I’m so white!). But I grew up listening to EWF. I saw them in concert myself and there was nothing like it. So I’ll have to go with them as well.

  9. Dre I know what you mean about the style and variety of the Mint. But EWF…what can I say? In one word: unreachable.

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