5 comments on “Mile High Salute to the Dems

  1. Andre, you clearly forgot that most of the DNC will be arriving in Denver in their limosines and private plane. The gas prices are included.

  2. Oppossing minmimum wage while giving themselves salary increases. Investigating the same lenders who gave them sweet deals. Protecting our interests against high gas prices without paying taxes themselves. Are you really surprised?

  3. As Mikey.

    However, the fact that shenanigans such as this no longer illicit any outcry, or better yet an actual response, is the real problem. All of us here, myself included, won’t be writing any letters, we won’t blowing up the phone-lines, & we won’t give a shit tomorrow when this has become yesterday’s news. I wonder, when we will we all grow tired of sitting on our hands?


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