So I watched the first of the two part “Black in America” series on CNN last night. I also peeped the weekend “Black in America” panel discussion that preceeded last night’s documentary. So far, everything has turned out as I expected. While I applaud O’Brien for her efforts (while also being secretly in love with her), the MSM was never good at getting to the root of race relations, and this was no exception. Frankly, I wasn’t anticipating anything groundbreaking in this segment; so I wasn’t disappointed.

Most of what was aired in this first piece played into the same ol’ stories I hear and see time and time again. The single black mother trying to make ends meet raising a tribe of kids she had as a boneheaded teenager, the successful, but picky black woman who supposedly can’t find a black man of equal status (note to those folks: I’m single and looking, so I disprove your theory. But if I don’t line up with your superficiality, just date a white guy and be done with already…), the hierarchy of colorism, health disparities, the rise in AIDS, high school dropout rates, the silence of the church, etc. There was at least one component — surrounding Dr. Fryer’s controversial experiement to pay inner city students for their performance — that presented somewhat of a new and fresh approach to examining one problem in the so-called black community. But the segment as a whole simply provided nothing more than an opportunity for people to air their grievances; without also exploring where accountability and responsibilities lie for all involved. Whatever.

I’ve said my piece. I’m opening the floor for discussion. I’m curious to hear what you have to say. Did you watch the segment? Do you think it was insightful or was it just stating the obvious? Was it groundbreaking or was it regurgitated fodder?

What say you?