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  3. Actually, it pretty much IS against the Canadian laws to do, say, or otherwise allow discrimination or hate be perpetrated. It’s all part of their “multiculturalism” laws that they claim are fabulous, in that it has kept racism to a minimum. Yeah – I’m certain that it has. I keep having this same argument with my Canadian friends. If “multiculturalism” is so wonderful, why is it that I only hear that type of statement coming from Caucasian Canadians? I have yet to hear such uttered by indigenous peoples, Blacks, Asians, or other immigrants. It’s been my unfortunate displeasure to always hear “good news” on racism from those who rarely are at the receiving end of the stick called racism and discrimination.

    “Satire’ needs to sit his a-double-scribble down somewhere, before he gets somebody a beatdown. Oh – wait! Too late! It never fails that I ask “What were they thinking?” and immediately realize that the WEREN’T thinking.

    Tazers! What the humina humina is this world coming to? The police are simply above the law and seem to get away with this nonsense all the time. There never seems to be any repercussions at all.

    Dead child in car syndrome happened here in Philly – to a friend of mine (a brother). He said that he truly forgot that his grandson was in the car as they follow a certain routine everyday. When things got switched up, that’s where the problem came into play. They let him off lightly citing the very idea that living with the consequences is going to be punishment enough.

    Nice post. Peace.

  4. RE: The Canadian neo-nazi: Thanks for the insight regarding Canadian law. Still you raise a good question regarding the state of race relations; particularly because you can apply that same line of questioning to the States. When we (we = people in general) declare to the world that we’re making great strides in race, equality, and diversity I wonder exact WHO was surveyed to make those claims.

    RE: The satirist t-shirt vendor: As much as I advocate free speech, there should be a line (albeit imaginary) where satirists don’t cross. But when they do cross that line, it amuses me when they say “What? I didn’t know that was wrong…” Classic.

    RE: The cops and tasers: There’s a great blog out there, Tasered While Black (http://taseredwhileblack.blogspot.com/) that monitors the rampant and excessive use of tasers. Initially I thought that using tasers was a mild and tame substitute for cops with itchy trigger fingers. Now I’m not so sure. It’s worst when you hear stories like this. This certainly wasn’t a case of excessive force; but it was definitely unnecessary.

    RE: Child in car: I wasn’t there; so I can’t completely speak to guilt or innocence; deliberate act or mistake. It just seems to odd to me that children who constantly run around, make noise, yell for McDonald’s, and cry when they get boo boos can fall in line with a “certain routine.” That’s just me, I guess.

  5. It’s not just you. I still think that living with his error is a huge price to pay and more than enough punishment. However, I feel you on the “no child left behind”. There are stories here every few months about school bus drivers who locked their buses up for the night, only to find that there was still a child on the bus. Don’t they check the buses before they leave for the day??!!

    I am in constant debate with my Caucasian Canadian friend who thinks that Canada’s Multiculturism is the best thing since high-buttoned shoes. But, I still read reports of racial profiling and disgruntled indigenous people who have lost their land to the settlers. Again, as you said, just who are these folks surveying?

    Thanks for the link on the tasers. Seems like everything for me flows back to Philly. I am so fed up with the police in this city, in particular, the chief of police, in conjunction with the mayor. The goal is to make STOP & SEARCH “legal”. That leaves the determination of “reasonable cause” up to each individual officer. Is that a can of worms, or what? Peace.

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