4 comments on “Tony Snow, 1955-2008

  1. Hey Dre,
    Honestly, why so harsh on Tony? He didn’t kill anyone. He didn’t lie about the war. Tony Snow was, by nearly all accounts, a decent, honest man who died a horrible death. I really think “jerk”,”pompous and arrogant” is a little unnecessary. I have to admit, this one suprised me coming from you.

  2. Harsh? Naw…I wouldn’t say that. “Harsh” is saying some heartless crap like how he got what he deserved or I hope he’s burning in Hell. Even though there are people who WOULD go that far, I wouldn’t. The humanitarianism and God-centeredness I try to exude would never allow that. Still, in being blunt, I thought he was a jerk. Even though death tends to make people look solely at the “decency” of a person, having the occasional criticism is not all bad. I certainly don’t think he was the most dispicable person to be found. But I don’t think we should name a national holiday after him either.

  3. For me, Tony Snow was one of the only employees during the Bush tenure that I actually liked. Well, not liked per se. But could tolerate.

  4. The man was complicit in the lies (or “misstatements”) that fed this war. So for that, you won’t see any candlelight vigils in my front yard. But colon cancer IS a horrible way to go. In that light, I feel bad for Mr. Snow. I especially feel bad for his family. Like him or not, we should keep them in our prayers.

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