8 comments on “Home of the…crybaby?

  1. I actually agree with Gramm. Not necessarily on the “mental” part. But this country IS full of whiners. When you’ve got people in other parts of the world starving on a daily basis, the world sees us as celebrites. When things get rough, I don’t see anything wrong with asking Americans to put things aside and sacrifice for the greater good. Buy generic merchandise instead of name brand. Cook your own food instead of going to Applebees. Make your own coffee instead of going to Starbucks. Buy store-brand asprin instead of Bayer. Its the people who are unwilling to sacrifice their convenience for this country who whine the most.

  2. You’re joking, right? When we’re talking about the downturn of this economy, we’re not thinking about the folks who have to cut down on the number of Vanilla Bean Frappuccinos they consume. We’re talking about the people who earn minimum wage who have to find transportation to work, pay outrageous bills, and still provide for their families. If your only concern is not getting that extra foam in your coffee or buying a cheaper laundry detergent, good for you. But for most Americans, getting themselves out their economic binds isn’t as easy.

    It’s pretty elitist (yeah, I said it) to call people concerned about how they’ll make it “whiners.” If Gramm came to Michigan spewing that nonsense, people would tell him to kiss their whiney you-know-what.

  3. “Whiners” are the wealthy people in this country afraid of getting taxed more because they have more. Clearly they missed the memo about the requirements of those “to whom much is given.”

  4. Yes. Sen. Gramm is ABSOLUTELY correct. Americans need to stop whining so much. We all had the opportunity to become a Senator and use our influence to live a life of luxury. We all had the chance to use political influence to get on Enrons Board of Directors and to get rich in the process. Man! What were we thinking?!

  5. My Lord! Somebody please explain to me what this man was thinking when he said that. Was he deliberately trying to sabotage McCain’s campaign?

  6. After I read this post this morning, I watched Fox News later. It was funny to watch them try to defend John McCain and his “recovery” from Gramm’s comments. LOL!

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