“I wanna cut his nuts off…”

Whoa! As much I tend to despise what the likes of Sean Hannity and Don Imus have to say, not even they could top this.

And this came from a Civil Rights leader.

From the New York Times:

The Rev. Jesse Jackson apologized on Wednesday for critical and crude comments he made about Senator Barack Obama, remarks in which he accused Mr. Obama of “talking down to black people.”

Mr. Jackson, before an interview with a Fox News anchor on a different topic, sharply criticized Mr. Obama for how he has been referring to African-Americans. He specifically took issue with how Mr. Obama had singled out black men in recent speeches for failing to uphold their responsibility as fathers.

Mr. Jackson’s words, which included a vulgar reference, were recorded by a live microphone on Sunday. His apology came after Fox News said it would broadcast the remarks on “The O’Reilly Factor” on Wednesday night.


Of course, before you could say “Jesse, don’t…!”, the video of Jackson’s flame throwing surfaced all over the ‘net:

In response to his dad’s comments, Jesse Jackson, Jr. chimed in to repudiate the comment:

Mr. Obama’s candidacy has served as an example of a generational and stylistic shift in black political leadership in America. The remarks drew an unusually stern rebuke from Representative Jesse Jackson Jr., Democrat of Illinois, who also serves as a national co-chairman of Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign.

“Reverend Jackson is my dad, and I’ll always love him,” the congressman said Wednesday evening in a statement. He added, “I thoroughly reject and repudiate his ugly rhetoric. He should keep hope alive and any personal attacks and insults to himself.”

Oppositely, the Obama camp has completely shrugged this off and accepted the good Rev’rend’s apology.

**This part is for Rev. Jackson’s eyes only**

Jesse, c’mon. For real, dawg?  There are just so many things fundamentally wrong with this:

  1. How many times do I have to tell you to never go on Fox News? The only black person in American that I trust to articulately handle himself on that station is Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. Seriously, dude. You’re not him.
  2. Threats of castration? Again, for real? You know good and well that if a white person made similar comments, you’d hit the streets in a nonosecond in protest. Does that mean we should take to the streets protesting you?  Should we change the slogan from “Keep Hope Alive” to “Don’t Cut the Nuts”?  (Don’t Cut the Nuts! Don’t Cut the Nuts!)
  3. Haven’t you learned from the countless other idiots who were busted for making “off the record” comments directly into their microphones?  Sheesh.
  4. Finally, I think it’s about time for you to turn in your gatekeeper card. What’s the point of you staking claim to the Civil Rights movement when you talk about castrating a black man who is in a legitimate (and, some would argue, favored) spot to become the next POTUS; something for which Civil Rights activists tirelessly fought? Lost a little perspective, have we…?

**OK. The rest of you can come back in the room**

I guess the good Rev’rend missed the part of the Beautitudes about the blessings that come with being a peacemaker. Sigh.