Uh oh. It looks like another country might get added to Bush’s Axis of Evil.

From the Associated Press:

Armed men attacked a police guardpost outside the U.S. consulate in Istanbul on Wednesday. Turkish officials called it a terrorist attack and said three officers and three of the assailants were killed.

At least one of the attackers opened fire at the post near the consulate’s main entrance at about 11 a.m., a U.S. embassy spokeswoman said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.


The attack seems pretty mild compared to the bombings, fire fights, and abductions taking place in other parts of the region right now. So I’m curious to see if this incident will add to the already escalating conflict in the Middle East. But it doesn’t look like the US is responding too quickly just yet. I guess that once we see Turkey on the Travel Warning list, we know the feds mean business.