14 comments on “Obama hits the cover of Ebony

  1. Hello Handsome ,
    Now there are two smart handsome men on here LOL
    Hope your having a splendid summer, filled with sunshine and lots of hot topics (WINK)
    Are you travelling this summer??Canada I hear is great this time of year LOL
    God bless

  2. @ Jos: Yeah. He puts the uh…GQ in GQ. OK. That was weird.

    @ Greeny: Hey love. If John McCane wins this election, Canada might become more than just a summer hangout for me. 🙂 Not many plans for the summer (who has the $$$?), but looking forward to the Mint Condition concert this month (looks over to Joslyn: Awwwww yeah!) What about you? Going to the cabin? Whatever the case, I hope your summer is fun and relaxing.

  3. 🙂 Come on over , the weather is fine !! LOL
    The cabin it is , well ,as much as possible ,a blanket of stars , a warm breeze , a fire on the beach and so much fresh air , who could ask for more :):):)
    enjoy your concert handsome ,be safe ,God Bless


  4. hey Andre, i loved the blue on your other blog. it was so calming and peaceful. i’ve been an Obama fan and supporter from day one. yea Obama!!!

    what was the problem with blogger? how are you liking WordPress?

  5. Sylvia!!!!! Welcome back to the blogosphere! You’ve been missed!

    And welcome to my new pad. Kick your feet up. Have some iced tea. Enjoy yourself. But you can’t commandeer the remote control. Sorry. House rules.

    WordPress is OK. It took me a second to get used to some of its functionality, but so far I haven’t had as many headaches as I had with Blogger. Only time will tell, I guess…

  6. “But you can’t commandeer the remote control. Sorry. House rules.”

    Andre, don’t you know the remote control and microwave were created just for moi?

  7. hmmmmm, changing over to a new blog must have really taken a lot out of you since you haven’t done a new post lately.

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      • Are you first a black or Christian or American?

        The President has done more to derail the constitution for his gain then he as concern for religion.
        To setup a site that promotes African Americans for Obama shows that he knows how to play the race card for his gain.

        How about Whites for Romney or Palin?

      • What the fuck are you talking about? Sorry for the language Dre. But that’s how you have to talk to some of the nuts who have found your page.

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