8 comments on “Change in scenery

  1. It’s really simple to import from blogger. To start the importer, go to Manage → Import → Blogger and follow the directions.

  2. Nice new crib. You could probably use a couple of throw rugs and some feng shui to spice it up. But it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

  3. Nice look Andre , My Greeneyed King , very neat ,organized and easy on the eyes ,just like YOU! Wishing you many pot stirring posts ,God Bless , Take care of that Bump (LOL) Careful in that Big City .


  4. Thanks for the notification. Looking forward to seeing what’s down the road!

  5. @ Malik: Got it. Thanks dawg!

    @ KC: Must’ve missed that episode of Extreme Makeover: Blog edition. Still, I get your point.

    @ Greeny: Thanks for the compliment (albeit laced with a little innuendo; you naughty hellcat, you!)

    @ Cyn: I’ll do my best

    @ Ave: Thanks my man.

    @ Kim: If I don’t change up once in a while, the terrorists win. Besides, the real issues should be taken up with Blogger. They’re the ones who suck.

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