8 comments on “Change in scenery

  1. It’s really simple to import from blogger. To start the importer, go to Manage β†’ Import β†’ Blogger and follow the directions.

  2. Nice new crib. You could probably use a couple of throw rugs and some feng shui to spice it up. But it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

  3. Nice look Andre , My Greeneyed King , very neat ,organized and easy on the eyes ,just like YOU! Wishing you many pot stirring posts ,God Bless , Take care of that Bump (LOL) Careful in that Big City .


  4. Thanks for the notification. Looking forward to seeing what’s down the road!

  5. @ Malik: Got it. Thanks dawg!

    @ KC: Must’ve missed that episode of Extreme Makeover: Blog edition. Still, I get your point.

    @ Greeny: Thanks for the compliment (albeit laced with a little innuendo; you naughty hellcat, you!)

    @ Cyn: I’ll do my best

    @ Ave: Thanks my man.

    @ Kim: If I don’t change up once in a while, the terrorists win. Besides, the real issues should be taken up with Blogger. They’re the ones who suck.

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